SAFICO HOLDING - Sallaum Finance Company - is a Swiss-based financial holding incorporated in 2008 with the primary goal of supporting the Sallaum family business sectors.

The Future of Innovation Is Now

Today, the founder’s original vision has been fulfilled to provide safe, reliable and fast transport via sea, land and air.

With oversight and governance by SAFICO HOLDING, the Sallaum-owned businesses are a globally successful provider of integrated, multimodal logistics solutions. The returns that SAFICO companies create every day can be used to create even more value, and not just for one business family.

This is where a new story has begun, one in which SAFICO brings innovations to its own business model. To ensure further growth of its subsidiaries, SAFICO is now accepting investments from private investors. Investors looking for safe, high-potential investments will find a perfect partner in SAFICO.

Additionally, SAFICO will fund promising new companies in emerging industries. Every company SAFICO chooses to acquire will gain access to its entire pool of resources, strategic guidance, and international business connections. Well-functioning, innovative businesses as well as startups with customers will find a perfect partner in SAFICO.

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By 2008, the family-led group of logistics businesses has grown quite large. A more sophisticated level of organization and governance was required to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the world which continued to grow more complex every year.

SAFICO HOLDING was registered on June 10, 2008 in Oberhasli, Switzerland as a financial holding company and the European hub for Sallaum-owned companies. Its primary job today is to provide sound corporate governance to companies in SAFICO’s growing portfolio, and for that the company has put capable professionals with decades of experience in leadership positions.
No less important are the many business services that SAFICO provides to its many teams, starting from strategic planning and corporate finance to advanced analytics, digital transformation, and M&A.

Today, SAFICO functions not only as a provider of business services and governance, but also as a way to effectively share the Sallaum family’s trove of resources with the hard working leaders and teams in SAFICO subsidiaries: its core values, business philosophies, vast experience across several industries, and deep collective knowledge.

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