La Fur is a Zurich-based fashion company which designs and produces luxurious, natural fur jackets and fur accessories and makes them available for purchase via their online store.

La Fur focuses on superior quality, fabulous design, creative craftsmanship, and a modern approach to fashion.


Top Quality Fur Sourcing

The company founder has made it her mission to only source the highest quality fur from reputable European factories.

Online Store with Global Potential

By choosing to offer its product via an online store, La Fur has removed all roadblocks to reaching customers effectively.

Digital-First Thinking

La Fur’s mission to become the sole destination for natural fur jackets will be executed by focusing on strong branding across modern, digital marketing channels where fashion lovers are easily reached, engaged and nurtured.


Natural Fur Jackets

La Fur’s luxurious jackets are the right combination of craftsmanship, creative designs and an uncompromised focus on quality.

Natural Fur Accessories

Fashion accessories such as capes, gloves, hats, scarves and t-shirts are a natural complement to the store’s main offering.


Status Online store launching soon
Highlights Top quality fur sourcing - Online store with global potential
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Industry Fashion
Major Customers Exquisite fashion lovers
Major Markets Worldwide
Year Founded 2018
Employees 6+
Revenue Not yet available

Markets & Customers

La Fur’s goal is to reach women who love fur across international borders and offer them a whole new experience in purchasing fashion. The company counts on sophisticated buyers who know a good fur product when they see one. La Fur will use modern marketing strategies to reach these customers, no matter where in the world they are.

Fashion Industry’s Potential

Fashion is a mature industry which is currently being driven by two strong trends: disruption coming from digital-first thinking, and strong demand for luxury brands. Therefore, to ensure long-term success, luxury fashion brands must accept this massive shift from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce.

This shift into digital presents an excellent opportunity for new market entrants, such as La Fur, to compete globally while reducing initial costs. By focusing on consumer behavior - and consumers are increasingly gravitating toward digital channels and staying there - there’s plenty of room for growth for a small company such as La Fur.

In fashion, high potential for online success comes from an exceptional branding strategy executed well. Having the right products and exposing them to the right people using just the right channels is how La Fur seeks to position itself in the minds of fashion lovers.


With years of extensive experience and a rich background in fur jackets design and production, our founder, Mrs. Martina Sallaum brings forth her expertise in sourcing the finest of fur products.

Mrs. Martina Sallaum

Founder and CEO



The beginning of the founder’s interest in fur product design and production


The founding of La Fur AG, the company behind the online store


Start of online store development


The official launch of the online store

Invest in Success

By investing in SAFICO Holding, La Fur's parent company, you’re investing in a growing, carefully diversified portfolio of profitable and promising companies, supervised by SAFICO’s strong management team.

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