Sallaum Group SA is the largest Swiss enterprise specializing in the export of used vehicles, including cars, vans, and high and heavy construction equipment.

The company’s Pure Car/Truck Carrier service from Europe to Africa and the Middle East is operated by Sallaum Lines SA, one of SAFICO Holding’s subsidiaries, and one of the most modern and flexible RORO (Roll On – Roll Off) fleets on the market.


Largest Car Exporter in Switzerland

The company exports more than 40,000 vehicle units annually and operates two car parks with a total capacity of 3000+ cars.

Modern Customer Service with Online Booking and Tracking

Customers have a complete overview of the shipping process at their fingertips as well as a mobile application for a handy access, all combined in one digital platform provided by Sallaum Lines.


Second Hand Cars Export

The company provides a Pure Car/Truck Carrier (PCTC) service from Europe to Africa and the Middle East via loading ports in Belgium, Italy, Amsterdam and Germany.

Two Car Parks with Capacity of 1000+ Units

Two car parks in Switzerland (14,000 m2 + 8,000 m2) have been owned and built to cope with the increasing demand for exporting vehicles.


Status Active
Highlights Largest car exporter in Switzerland - In business since 1985
Headquarters Oberhasli, Switzerland
Offices Agent offices in 13 countries
Industry Logistics, Forwarding Agent
Major Customers OEMs, vehicle dealers, private customers
Major Markets Europe
Year Founded 1985
Employees 10+
Revenue +$20M (2018)

Markets & Customers

The company is working with European OEMs, vehicle dealers, and private customers who are looking to export and ship vehicles from Europe to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and West Africa.

Logistics Industry’s Potential

Logistics companies in SAFICO Holding’s portfolio have been in the industry for over 20 years, Sallaum Group SA being the oldest one. They’re now a target of all the forces currently shaping and shaking the industry, most notably digitalization, software-driven changes in logistics processes, and increased customer demand for cheaper and faster service without compromises in quality.

Despite their disruptive nature, smart logistics companies - Sallaum Group included - welcome those forces and expect them to make their businesses simpler, more automated, and more profitable.

Sallaum Group has begun investing in modern technologies as soon as they became available. Moreover, given that SAFICO has acquired a company which makes logistics software technology, Sallaum Group now has direct access to the latest software solutions. One of the biggest advantages of this access is the ability to have key technologies shaped according to the company’s own needs.


Company managers have 35 years of in-depth experience in organizing smooth export and shipping of used vehicles via land and sea.

Khaled Sallaum




Founding of the company under its original name SALLAUM TRADING


SALLAUM TRADING AG is established as a shareholding company in Spreitenbach, Switzerland


SALLAUM TRADING is renamed to Sallaum Group SA


Headquarters moved from Schlieren to Birmensdorf


Newly established holding company SAFICO acquired Sallaum Group SA


8000 m2 car park in Aclens, Switzerland rented to better serve the French-speaking people in Switzerland


Headquarters moved from Birmensdorf to Oberhasli, where the company had previously bought 14,000 m2 of car park area


New car park house built with a total capacity of around 800 units

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By investing in SAFICO Holding, Sallaum Group SA's parent company, you’re investing in a growing, carefully diversified portfolio of profitable and promising companies, supervised by SAFICO’s strong management team.

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