Sallaum Lines SA is an international ocean transportation company, specialized in global RORO cargo shipping of new and used vehicles. The company does business with global freight forwarding companies and vehicle manufacturers in Europe, USA, West Africa, and the Mediterranean.

Being the 8th largest vehicle carrier in the world, the company’s global network consists of offices in six and agents in seventeen countries.


Expected Profit:
15-25% within 3-5 Years

The company, which has never had a negative P&L in its history, is currently undergoing several capital increase phases. At the end of the final phase the company is expected to reach +$300M in annual revenue at a 15-25% gross profit margin.

Ranked Top 10 Worldwide with 45% Market Share - And Growing

Sallaum Lines is the 8th largest vehicle carrier on the planet and has shipped 1M+ vehicles to date. The company is gaining market share year over year: in 2018, it stood at 45% of the market share, compared to all other companies shipping vehicles from Europe and the US to West Africa.

Powered by Software Technology Which Puts the Customer First

Continuous investments in innovative, tailor-made software enables the company to compete even with much larger global players. The company’s technology behind the shipping process delivers a truly premium quality customer experience and creates loyal customers, which in turn increases profit margins.


RORO Cargo Shipping

The company specializes in RORO shipping of new and used vehicles on board its high-capacity Pure Car/Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels.
Besides new and used cars, Sallaum Lines transports other vehicles such as trucks, busses, trailers, and high & heavy machinery.

Terminal Operations

Sallaum Terminal in the Port of Antwerp functions as the main hub of Sallaum Enterprises’ shipping activities in Europe. The terminal offers a full range of services for vessel/truck loading and discharging, quality control and inspection, and open and closed storage.

Other Cargo Shipping

Sallaum Lines’ vessels also carry break bulk cargo, project cargo, and timber and steel.


Status Active
Highlights Expected gross profit margin: 15-25% within 3-5 Years and Ranked top 10 worldwide with 45% market share and growing
Headquarters 6056 Kägiswil, Switzerland(prior 2020 Dubai, UAE)
Offices 6 offices in 6 countries
Industry Shipping
Major Customers Freight forwarders, OEMs, vehicle dealers
Major Markets Europe, United States
Year Founded SLDMCC = 2009, Sallaum Lines Switzerland = 2020
Employees 250+
Revenue +$110M (2018)

Markets & Customers

The company’s direct customers are small to large freight forwarders, OEMs, and vehicle manufacturers looking for reliable ocean transportation of their valuable cargo from Europe and USA to West Africa and the Mediterranean.

Sallaum Lines operates a fleet of owned and chartered vessels on three shipping routes with 20+ ports called:

  • Route 1: Europe to West Africa
  • Route 2: USA to West Africa
  • Route 3: Europe to the Mediterranean

Market Potential

Shipping is a half-a-trillion US dollar industry, measured by the rates that freighters charge for their services. 90% of the world’s trade is carried out by the international shipping industry, which operates over 50,000 merchant ships.

The shipping industry’s continued and strong growth is fueled by the world’s rising demand for fast global transportation, to which the shipping providers are responding with competitive freight costs and growing shipping efficiency.

Each worth up to $200 million, modern shipping vessels are sophisticated high-tech assets on their way to becoming even more valuable to their owners. New technologies such as autonomous / unmanned ships, AI, and cloud computing are poised to revolutionize the industry while further driving down operational costs and increasing the providers’ profit margins.


The company’s general managers bring decades of experience in leadership, management, and the shipping industry to the table.

Mr. Stouhi joined the group in the year 2004 and has held various leading positions within the organization. He previously acted as the Managing Director of Sallaum Lines DMCC from 2013 till 2019, at the same time being the right-hand man for our president.

Abed Stouhi

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Van Ballaert, an expert in the RoRo Liner trade and terminal operations, strengthened Sallaum Lines Belgium in 2014, acting as Managing Director of a growing team. Mr. Van Ballaert offers 25 years of in depth experience in this field with contacts all over the world.

David Van Ballaert

Managing Director - Belgium
In 2012 Mr. Lemcke started with Sallaum Lines Germany acting since then as managing director. Knowing the liner and chartering business from the inside over 25 years, Mr. Lemcke is extensively networked in various fields of the shipping industry. All chartering and sale & purchase activities of our group are coordinated through Sallaum Lines Germany.

Kay Lemcke

Managing Director - Germany

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