Sallaum Terminal in the Port of Antwerp, the second-largest European seaport after Rotterdam, functions as the main hub of Sallaum Enterprises’ shipping activities in Europe. The terminal receives cargo from Belgium and all the surrounding European countries: Germany, Switzerland, France and Holland.

The terminal is equipped with all the necessary tools to enable it to handle any kind of cargo, especially RORO cargo, timber and steel, and project cargo. It extends over an area of 250,000 m2 including 75,000 m2 of covered warehouses.


3rd Most Active RORO Terminal in the Port of Antwerp

A dock length of 1200 m enables the company to operate 4 PCTC sized RORO / General Cargo vessels simultaneously.

Handled 1.5M+ Vehicles and +100K CBM of Timber to Date

Efficient loading and discharging, powered by latest software and hardware technologies, is what makes Sallaum Terminal a desirable partner to its customers.

Run by Latest Software Technology

In 2015, Sallaum Terminal implemented a terminal solution software by Logisoft, now a SAFICO-owned company, which opened the door to efficiently handling even more cargo in one of the busiest ports in Europe.


RORO Handling and Related Services

The terminal is equipped with all necessary tools to enable it to handle any kind of cargo, especially RORO cargo.

Break Bulk and Project Cargo Handling and Related Services

The company’s employees have extensive experience in handling customers’ large, heavy, high value, or critical pieces of project equipment. Sophisticated tools are available in the Port of Antwerp for loading and discharging the project cargo.

Secured & Organized Storage for OEMs

The terminal covers an area of 250,000 m2 including 75,000 m2 of covered warehouses. OEMs such as Ford Motor Company are offered VIP service for storing their valuable cars and sensitive cargo units in a closed warehouse until loading.


Status Active
Highlights 3rd most active RORO terminal in the Port of Antwerp. Handled 1,5M+ vehicles and +100K CBM of timber to date
Headquarters Port of Antwerp, Belgium
Industry Logistics
Major Customers Shipping Lines and OEMs
Major Markets Europe
Year Founded 2013
Employees 50+
Revenue +$6,500,000 (2018)
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Markets & Customers

The terminal is used by RORO shipping companies, vehicle dealers and exporters, and timber and project cargo exporters as a port of loading and vehicle storage.

Potential at the Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is Europe’s biggest and busiest seaport after Rotterdam. It is known for its excellent infrastructure for receiving all types of transports and goods, and its ideal position at the very center of Europe. This makes Antwerp the port of choice for customers looking to reduce shipping costs, travel time, and the footprint on the environment - the latter quickly becoming a deciding factor for both manufacturers and end consumers.

Its outstanding situation makes the Port of Antwerp grow year over year. Here are the 2018 stats from their website:

  • In 2018, the port grew 5.2% compared to 2017. A record 235+ million tonnes were transshipped.
  • RORO cargo grew by 5.4% to 5.3 million tonnes. The number of shipped passenger cars increased by 4.7%, to just under 1.3 million.
  • 14,500+ vessels called at Antwerp, a 2.6% increase.
  • The port recorded unprecedented growth in all cargo types for the 6th consecutive year.

Antwerp is the place to go for anyone who needs to ship goods to and from the heart of Europe. Sallaum Enterprises’ logistics companies, of which Sallaum Terminal is an integral part, provide customers with a full range of services.


David Van Ballaert

Managing Director



Founding of the company


Implemented the innovative logistics software Logisoft as terminal solution


Ford Motor Company became the first large OEM to use the company’s services

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