VIP Rescue is an insurtech startup which provides an integrated insurance service platform aimed at insurance companies.

The product turns everything brick and mortar in the insurance industry into a digital presence and experience. It’s an insurance clearing platform where insurance policies sold and claims reported are being tracked, monitored, and centrally governed.

The solution is not being offered as a core insurance application; it rather complements the IT systems already in place in insurance companies.


Member of the Highly Disruptive, Sought Out Insurtech Industry

Insurance technology (insurtech) is currently revolutionizing the insurance industry, which cannot help but adopt what insurtech has to offer

High Potential Startup With an Active Customer Base

VIP Rescue’s solutions are already deployed in several insurance companies.

Attractive and Complete Digital Transformation Solution

VIP Rescue’s suites of software, digital assets and services cover everything a modern insurance company needs to satisfy customers’ demands for digitalized services.

About the Solution

VIP Rescue’s solution is a combination of five suites which consist of software, digital assets and services, and which address the needs of five key activity areas of every insurance business. These suites can be integrated with the customer’s existing web and mobile systems.

#1 Digital Strategy Service (Development and Implementation)

VIP Rescue’s experts provide consulting services to insurance companies who are looking to take their activities online. From strategy to creative production, insurance companies can get all digital marketing services in one place.

#2 E-Commerce Suite - B2C Sales and Renewals

This suite enables online claim declaration, online policy generation through a sales website and a sales mobile app, and dashboard and analytics features.

#3 Service Suite: C2B2B Service Management

This suite provides an end customer-facing website and a mobile app for customers who wish to declare their claims online. It also offers features such as service provider management, live dashboard, and analytics.

#4 Communication Suite

Live chat and chat bots are available to customers who want to communicate with their insurance company in channels and on devices they’re most used to. Live dashboard and notification center are here to help insurance companies manage these communication channels.

#5 Assessment Management - Motor

This suite enables the road assistance operators to access features such as surveyor management, damage assessment, quotation gathering, and garage allocation.


Status Active
Highlights Insurtech is an industry with high potential - The startup has an active customer base
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon
Industry Insurance industry
Major Customers Technology / Insurance Service Platform
Major Markets MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region
Year Founded 2015
Employees 12
Revenue +$40K (2018)

Markets & Customers

VIP Rescue is one of the few insurtech startups coming from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Although the company started in the MENA region, after being acquired by SAFICO Holding, the company is now on its path to break into new markets.

Market Potential

As an insurtech solution, VIP Rescue provides technology which helps insurance companies run their businesses according to the demands of 21st century customers.

Insurtech is already reshaping and disrupting the insurance industry, which has been slow to reinvent itself. With the advent of new technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), insurtech is making it easier and cheaper for new players to enter the market and disrupt incumbent insurance giants. One of the most exciting promises of insurtech is the advanced ability of insurance companies to collect and analyze customer data and thus provide superior, personalized customer service. The writing is on the wall for old school insurance companies that it’s time to stop doing things how they’ve always been done.

VIP Rescue keeps apace with the emerging technologies. For example, the platform is ready to be deployed on a blockchain technology. This means that the insurance companies can take advantage of the increased transparency and high security, something their customers have been asking for a long time.



Start of development of VIP Rescue, the integrated insurtech product


The founding of VIP Rescue SAL - Lebanon


The founding of VIP Rescue Technologies LTD - Dubai


The acquisition by SAFICO Holding

Invest in Success

By investing in SAFICO Holding, VIP Rescue’s parent company, you’re investing in a growing, carefully diversified portfolio of profitable and promising companies, supervised by SAFICO’s strong management team.

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