The huge market potential of a company is what catches our attention, but that’s not how SAFICO makes companies succeed. It’s our experienced management team and sound corporate governance practices which make the difference.

Our Bedrock Values


To satisfy the growing public demand for corporate transparency, we apply sound corporate governance practices in every company we acquire.


We’re not after short-term results: we aim for long-term sustainability. Every company we acquire is groomed to become a profit-turning financial asset.


We continuously analyze everything we do and always ask ourselves: ‘Can we do better?’ Maximum attainable quality in every company is our goal.


We grow our portfolio mindfully because every new company means absolute commitment to its needs, requirements, and demands - come what may.

Our Vision

Create sustainable market leaders.

The companies in our growing portfolio are either leading players in their fields, or on their way to become market leaders. Once at the top, our companies have already adopted good business practices which create lasting values.

Our Mission

Nurture, empower, and make it happen.

We secures all the resources our companies need to achieve and sustain its market leadership position. Whether it’s services, tools, knowledge, or good business connections, our companies are supported with everything they need at every step of their journey upwards. As such, SAFICO becomes an indispensable asset for market success.