SAFICO provides services, tools, knowledge and resources to the companies in our portfolio in order to make them market leaders.

We serve as a central corporate hub and a knowledge center which provides a wide array of business services to the daughter companies in our portfolio. With every service we provide, we always ask ourselves: how do we use our 40+ years of practical industry experience to attain maximum quality, sustainability, and profitability for each of our companies? Only by combining our team members’ diverse skills do we succeed in creating market leaders.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

To make the business sustainable and bring it to its full potential, SAFICO provides strategic planning assistance to its experienced subsidiary companies and startups. We help them set goals and targets in the short, medium and long term, and offer strategic guidance to company managers.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization creates competitive advantage in every industry it touches; we’ve experienced its benefits firsthand. Digital transformation is one of the key processes we use when restructuring an already thriving company for a market leader position. We are continuously exploring the ways to solve old problems with new technologies, and our activities have so far resulted in successes across several industries.

Advanced Analytics

Our companies make sound business decisions by prioritizing facts over opinions and gut feelings. SAFICO consults its companies’ leaders in proper data collection and provides advanced data analysis services which lead to new insights. By combining new data-driven insights with existing in-house knowledge, SAFICO guides its portfolio companies to market leadership position.

Corporate Finance

SAFICO strongly believes that strategy is built on good corporate finance practices, including but not limited to financial discipline and financial planning. We work closely with company CFOs to reach the long-term goals and targets we helped them set.


SAFICO’s companies can count on SAFICO’s growing marketing department to take care of all their marketing needs while they focus on their core businesses. Because marketers everywhere are reporting an increase in costs and complexity, SAFICO keeps the costs down by managing marketing in one place.

Project Feasibility

Many of our companies are breaking new ground and operating in developing markets. SAFICO’s managers help the company leaders evaluate the feasibility of their new projects and attain the resources required to make each project a success.


SAFICO responds to the requirements of its daughter companies by pooling resources and applying existing collective knowledge to solve recurring challenges.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A are sometimes the best way to grow a company fast and set a foundation for market leadership. SAFICO helps by searching for best-fit partners, identifying attractive joint venture opportunities, and brokering profitable alliances.