SAFICO HOLDING grows its value by providing capital and funding to functioning businesses and startups with an existing customer base.

Our mission is to transform good businesses with limited capacities into great businesses with planetary reach. We succeed by combining SAFICO’s sizeable corporate assets with everything the new company brings to the table: its strong team, modern technology, and innovative ways to do business.

Once we acquire a company, SAFICO functions as an active owner. This means setting the goals and targets in the short, medium, and long term, supporting the company in its day-to-day operations, offering continuous strategic guidance to company managers, and helping the business during expansion periods.

What Captures Our Attention

Emerging Industries

We’re investing in industries with a proven track record, but we’re always open to expanding to new, maybe even uncharted territories.

Innovative Concepts

If you’re solving age-old problems in original ways, implementing clever new business models, and applying a fresh perspective to typical ways of doing business, we want to hear your pitch.

Next-Gen Technology

We’re interested in startups and established businesses whose ingenious technology solutions have the potential to transform industries or create demand for entirely new products and services.

Untapped Global Potential

If the world is your target market, our rich international experience and global outlook will equip you with the resources needed to take the world.

Strong Leaders

SAFICO will commit to your business and offer strategic guidance, but it’s you who has to provide strong leadership and attract and retain smart people to carry out your vision.

Get Funding from SAFICO

If you are an entrepreneur or a manager of a company with demonstrable potential, but you lack specific assets to take your business to the next level, contact us today to see how we can cooperate:

Invest in Success, Invest in SAFICO.

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