Since 1985, when the first Sallaum company was founded in Switzerland, members have been investing their personal capital into more than 12 attractive and successful businesses. Those companies are today managed and owned by SAFICO HOLDING. SAFICO is part of a larger corporation, Sallaum Enterprises, which operates over 40 companies across multiple industries.

After several decades of hard work and dedication, the portfolio of our companies has become a reliable, high-yield asset for the founding family and the company’s executives. To support its expansion, we’re now opening our portfolio to private investors who are looking for attractive investment opportunities.

Why Invest in SAFICO

Your Hub for Safe Investments

To decrease risk, we expand our portfolio horizontally (we acquire companies across various industries) as well as vertically (we acquire several companies in the same industry). This means that at any time, there’s a dozen of companies whose good results can neutralize any fluctuations in the performance of one single company.

When We Grow, You Grow with Us

SAFICO is today run by the second generation of the same family which has founded the subsidiary companies. SAFICO’s leaders and top managers, some of whom are members of the Sallaum founding family, have a personal stake in SAFICO’s portfolio of companies. Therefore, our success becomes your success for many generations to come.

Industries We Invest In


Our history begins with shipping. Shipping is where our managers demonstrate the highest level of expertise, and shipping is where our subsidiary companies hold leading market positions.


The logistics industry has changed substantially in the past 20 years since we’ve been in it. We believe that the future of logistics is in empowering the right people to enable innovation in supply chain processes. We have everything we need to make it so.


Because our subsidiaries focus on vehicle shipping, we identified the need to invest in vehicle trading hubs and free zones, which extend the reach of our companies and substantially increase the quality of customer service.


To remain competitive, every growing business must invest in technology. We directed our focus to technology solutions which improve interactions with customers. We’re acquiring tech startups which show great potential, but lack the tools and resources to reach the market.


In this mature industry, high potential for success comes from an exceptional branding strategy executed well. Having the right products and exposing them to the right people is how our fashion companies seek to position themselves in the minds of fashion lovers.

Real Estate

We don’t seek real estate investments: we only seek opportunities. Our board strongly believes that the best time to invest in real estate is in periods of crises and downturns. This is when we enter the real estate market and how we create a competitive advantage in this industry.


Having companies in the air cargo / air travel industries fulfills our vision of providing an integrated transportation solution and complements our existing strategy. Multimodal shipping (transport over air, sea, and land) is where we predict that high future potential will come from.

Invest in Success, Invest in SAFICO.

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