We invite problem solvers and future leaders to join our ranks. Our expectations are high, but so are your ambitions. Develop your true strengths with us.

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We Welcome Problem Solvers and Leaders

Every day you’ll be required to collaborate with top executives in our subsidiary companies, many of whom possess more experience and practical industry knowledge than you. Despite that, you will be required to support them, guide them, remove obstacles in their paths, and devise pragmatic solutions to the problems they’re struggling with themselves. Are you up for the challenge?

We haven’t met you yet, but here’s how we imagine you:

Problem solver
Creative thinker
Natural-born collaborator
Team player
Creator and leader of change
Dedicated to improvement
Eager to learn
Committed to success

Employee Programs and Benefits

Investing in Innovation

Without encouraging creative innovation and finding effective ways to implement it, we cannot fulfill our mission, our raison d’etre.

This is why in SAFICO, superiors are enticed to take an interest in your ideas about improving everything the company does on a daily basis.

You will be heard, your ideas will be valued, you will be stimulated to take ownership of them, and SAFICO will invest the resources required to carry out your most promising projects.

Training & Development

Demonstrable skills and the way your mind works will get you hired, but we want you to grow into the most accomplished version of yourself.

Our managers are experts in recognizing our employees’ top competencies. We’ll steer your career in the direction which maximizes your personal growth and executes SAFICO’s mission at the same time.

We offer internal training programs and make the best online resources available for free to our employees. If you have a book wishlist, that’s considered a plus, and we’ll make sure you get all the books you want to read.

Good Work-Life Balance

Many of our employees have been with SAFICO or one of our subsidiaries for decades. Decades of working in one company could take a toll on a person. This is why we believe that health must come first in a workplace too.

We regularly improve our work environments to establish effective yet humane work routines. You will be supported in your determination to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means flexible work hours, enough breaks during the day, enough vacations throughout the year, and regard for when you need to take care of or be with your family.

Open Application

If there are no currently available positions, or you believe you’d be a good fit for us in another role, you’re welcome to send us your CV and tell us more about yourself.

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