Your CV will get you the interview, but it’s the interview that will get you the job. Here’s how to prepare well.

Prepare For an Interview

There are two major abilities we look for in future employees: problem solving and leadership. A job interview is a discussion designed to help you prove that you possess those abilities, and that you actively used them in the past.

Here’s how you can prepare well for our interviewers:

  • Write down several stories about how you applied your leadership skills to institute change, help a person, or solve a problem.
  • Practice verbally explaining how you approached solving a particular problem in the past.
  • Be ready to use examples and data to prove that you were successful in your previous projects.

Your answers help us evaluate your previous experience and your readiness to take on the many challenges which await you in SAFICO.

One final tip: relax and be you true self! It’s the best recipe for finding out if we’re a perfect fit.

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If there are no currently available positions, or you believe you’d be a good fit for us in another role, you’re welcome to send us your CV and tell us more about yourself.

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