Are you thinking about starting a career in a financial company? SAFICO can introduce you to the world of global business.

Our internship program allows undergraduate and graduate students to experience the inner workings of an international financial holding company.

Among the many applications we receive every year, we only select those internship candidates who would also be good candidates for employment. If we pick you and you manage to impress us during your internship training, there’s a good chance you’ll get your first job at SAFICO.

During your time with us, great importance will be placed on identifying your main competencies. Whatever your strongest areas of excellence may be, you will get the chance to let them shine and further develop your skills.

What Interns Do

You start your internship with practical training. You will be assigned a mentor who will introduce you to SAFICO’s core activities, give you specific tasks to perform, oversee your progress, and evaluate your performance.

Our internships are project-based. This means that you will actively work on specific projects currently in progress in one of SAFICO’s departments. Projects are based on the types of services SAFICO provides to its subsidiaries.

You start with the simplest operative tasks such as researching and gathering information, and gradually move up to more demanding project tasks for which your mentor has assessed you’re ready. Exceeding your mentor’s expectations by proactively taking on advanced tasks is always welcome.

Open Internship Positions

No available internship positions yet!

Apply for an Internship

To apply, please submit a cover letter and your resume, and your application will be received and reviewed by SAFICO’s HR manager.

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